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ICU Security & Private Investigations (ICUSPI)

is a full service security and private investigations company located in Watertown, New York. We provide professional solutions for law firms, small businesses, corporate businesses and individuals.    

Do you need a private investigator?

We have private investigators ready to be at your service. Our team consists of retired military and law enforcement who are chosen and specialized for your specific case. Some benefits of selecting ICUSPI are the 24/7 availability, consistent case updates for your peace of mind and our reasonable rates. Our areas of expertise consist of child custody disputes, background investigations, surveillance, matrimonial and infidelity, insurance fraud and witness interviewing.

Are you looking for security?

You’ve come to the right place. ICUSPI provides expert security solutions which we promise will surpass your expectations. We do not offer a generic, pre-packaged service. ICUSPI develops security programs while working closely with our clients to develop the program that best fits their individual needs. So, whether you’re looking to protect your business or simply want an added layer of security we can design a solution for you. We currently have security contracts with hospitals, banks, libraries and movie theaters as well as seasonal contracts with construction agencies, special events and housing authorities.  

We cover Central and Northern New York including all of Jefferson, Lewis, Oswego, Franklin and St. Lawrence counties. However, if you are not located in this area arrangements can still be made for our services.           

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ICU Security & Private Investigations (ICUSPI)

is licensed by the New York Department of State, Division of Licensing Services. Licensed Private Investigator Unique ID Number 11000153380. Expiration 04/03/2018